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DONAT Design Application Construction Tourism Ind. Com. Inc. Co. now continues its way through yachting service. We will maintain our projects that have been formed with the interest and confidence of you, our dear customers, since 2002 with the same diligence and caution in this sector.

Yacht and gullet renting is an ideal choice of holiday for our customers who would like to go on cruise especially with their families and friend groups. Being DONAT YACHTING, we present this service to you under our diligence and confidence of the same company.

Blue Cruise

Mavi YolculukYou love sea; you try to choose a place by the coast for every holiday. However, you don't enjoy whichever hotel you go to or you get bored in a short time. Or, the coast of the hotel doesn't turn out to be the one as you have dreamed of. Here is most suitable type of holiday for you: Cruise with Sail or Cruise.

You are thinking of where, when and how to go on holiday for this summer again. You don't want to go to all - inclusive hotels and eat and drink and lie down. You haven't gone on such type of holiday. But a holiday including swimming in the sea very much has been always in the corner of your mind.