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Having the most beautiful sea on the Aegean Cost, Fethiye is a heaven for holiday. It is an ideal holiday setting with its coast line along Dead Sea and surrounding nature for those who are keen on water sports and who like swimming in the sea.

Fethiye is a place becoming a good alternative for holiday with its nature and it is a place to where tourists come from all over the world for holiday. In the legends, being referred as ‘Heaven denoted by God to world’’, Dead Sea is an astonishing natural scene for humankind with its motionlessness.

In Fethiye whose night life recalls a carnival consisting of local and foreign tourists, there is density indicating that it has leading position among the other holiday places. Fethiye is among the first alternatives we need to take into consideration for holidays we have in restricted number.

Main works and regions that may attract your attention in Fethiye, holiday heaven, are the following: Dead Sea, Belcekiz Bay, Tlos Antique City, Pinara Antique City, Kelebekler Valley, Ghost City Kayakoy, Fethiye Castle, Kadyanda (Cadianda) Antique City, Babadag, Saklikent, Gocek, Katranci Bay, Yakapark, Hisaronu – Ovacik, Gemiler Island, Cezayirli Mosque, Lycia Rock Tombs, Kidrak, Oyuktepe Bays, Gunluk (Small Ucuk Kargi), Calis Coast.

Fethiye Island

It can be anchored under Fethiye Island in 5- 10 meters. Its depth is muddy and alga. If anchor passes alga layer, it keeps good. It is quite sheltered against breeze.

Fethiye (Telmessus)

Fethiye town and port are on the bay on the south of Fethiye Island. While you are turning the bay and entering into town by the sea, you cannot see town and port; yet many hotels around the coast on its north are quite striking.

Fethiye Ece Marine

There are 400 anchoring and tightening places, visitor places, water and electricity supply, telephone, television connection, wireless internet, shower, service for the disabled, restaurant, bar, ATM, yacht postal service and security.

Han Marine

Hotel Lycia and Han Marine use two ports on the west of marine. Yet, Marine is located in westerner place. There is water and electricity supply in many tightening places.

Letoonia Marine

It is composed of a port section on the bay under Pacariz bay and short port. There is water and electricity supply, restaurant and bar on the coast.

It can be filled with fuel tanker in the town of Fethiye. It is about one hour far from Dalaman airport. You can anchor in 10-15 meters on the west of the marine. You can anchor on the rowing club on the west end of Fethiye Port. Restaurants are close but far from the city.

Pacariz Buku

You can anchor in 6-10 meters at the end of the bay on the west of Pacariz bay. It is considerably sheltered against dominant wind.

Batikkaya Buku

You can anchor in 5-10 meters at the openings of coast under Batikkaya lamp. There are too many fleas around Han and Lycia.

There are shops that deal with repairing works in Fethiye town. There are bazaars on Mondays and Wednesdays. There are good restaurants. Also there are restaurants for the artisans in the place where the bazaar is established out of city center. There is ATM, Bank and Post Office.

There are many Lycia rocks on rapid rocks beyond the city. The greatest of them is reminiscent from 4th century BC. And it is Amyntas Tomb whose Ionian columns are quite affecting.

Between Camli Bay and Ibliz Bay

Cliffs along this good coast decrease towards the sea abruptly and the hills are covered with pine trees in many places, they can be used for anchoring during calm weather and shouldn’t be considered for other purposes.


It is on a great bay on the east of Ibliz bay. Undersurface rock at 70 - meter - opening of the bay should be paid attention. There are many places for anchoring around Karacoren Islands that consist of several surface rocks connecting with coral reef going under the island..


There is a passage whose shallowest point is 10 meters between surface rocks of coral reef and island on which there is much reminiscent. Bay on the opposite of the islands is anchoring place that is sheltered very well.

Depths are not appropriate for approaching the port. There is an open restaurant on the coast. Strengthening place of this restaurant can be also used. It is Picturesque bay with its ruins from Medieval Ages among the scrubs.

Gemiler Buku

It is a small oval bay on the opposite of west end of Gemiler Island and on the coast of land. You can anchor on the coast opening at 10 meters; or, you can pull alongside to the coast on west corner used by fishing vessels. There is café, bar and restaurant on the coast.

Gemiler Island

You can anchor at the openings of the islands on west end of passage. Depth until 15-20 meter distance to the coast is 8 meters; then, it reaches rock debris under water being shallow rapidly. Caution should be paid.

There is a great reminiscent of Byzantium settlement on the hillside. We suggest you to examine mosaics in and around the buildings.

Bestas Port

You can anchor at the openings of the port by using kedge anchor or you can anchor on miniature entrance on the west of the bay and pull alongside to the coast. There is a well in the sea. Water is very cold. All the anchoring places around here are ideal for swimming break. There are vessels selling ice-cream, vegetable, bread and pastry. Prices are a bit high.

Dead Sea (Tired Bay )

It is forbidden to enter this beautiful bay that is surrounded by land. However, you can visit the bay by leaving your yacht in the entrance and by taking an edge to the coast.

Anchoring can be done in 15-20 meters under land piece in the shape of hook while approaching from southwest and you can pull alongside to the coast. Around the coast and on the northeast coast of Dead Sea, there are several restaurants, bars and coast cafes and there is also taxi from here to Fethiye.

Lagoon is relatively calm place with its anchoring place outside surrounded with high mountains and abundant sandy coast. Before this, you can relax after diving into entertainment world.

Seven Bays

On the very south of Dead Sea, it starts from 9 – mile - distance and ranges for approximately 7 miles in south and southeast direction between Kotu Bay and Zeytin Bay. Antique Ksantos River pours into sea from here. The best way to pass this bay that takes severe and abrupt wind is to go in open about 2 – 3 mile while there is breeze.

There are Patara Ruins on south end of coast. Myran Bishop Nicholas; in other words, Christmas Father was born here.

Kotu Bay

It can be used as a place for anchorage when water is too deep and breeze winds moderately.

Yesilkoy Bay

It is a bay on the west of Yacht port. The most suitable place for anchorage is western side. You can anchor in 10-15 meters and pull alongside to the coast. Its deep is sandy and alga. Not all the places are good for anchoring.

Hills around the bay are covered with shrubs and olive trees.


Catal Islands by which is passed while approaching to Kalkan from the west is composed of two islands that are separated from one another through a narrow passage and it pretends to be single island until reaching very close. At the entrance into the bay completely, Kalkan town is seen. It can receive severe winds from its west side with breeze. You can smudge to out pier from the top or bottom.

There is a well of soft water in the sea. There is water and electricity supply, fuel, market, restaurant, post office, exchange office, ATM, laundry, minibus and bus on the port. Here is the most secure and closest port to Patara and Ksantosa. We suggest you see both of them.

Saribelen Island

This is, in fact, a rock marked by a buoy whose shallowest point is 4,6 meters. If you pass from the north of Heybeli Island, attention should be paid.

Bucak Sea ( Port Vathi )

This bay is located on the northwest of Cukurbag Peninsula. There are two surface rocks on the south of the entrance. You can pull alongside to a place which is close to coast at the end of the bay.