Catering on the Gulet

Gulette yeme içmeThe point about which is most asked by our guests who go on cruise for the first time is the issue of catering. In yacht for rent, cook, navigator and captain are available according to the size of yacht.

Our guests who rent yacht do their shopping according to their preferences before boarding on the boat and they can decide on the menu themselves. Menu is generally presented as breakfast, lunch, sneak, drinking hour and dinner on yachts. At the sneak time, tea - coffee, pastry and ready -made biscuits; and in drinking time before dinner; canapés and appetizers are offered, and dinner may be fish-oriented, chicken-oriented or meat -oriented according to preferences.

Catering on the Sailing Boat

Yelkenli teknede yeme içmeOn the sailing boats, they totally afford catering through their own facilities. When the boat is rented with a captain, catering will be afforded by the persons who rent the boat.

Before doing the shopping for the boat, how many breakfasts, lunches and dinners you will have should be determined and materials should be bought according to the number of the persons (if Captain is to come, including Captain). For short cruises, it is useful to buy ready-made food such as pastry, cake and pies.