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Gocek is a heaven-like bay which is covered with pine trees. Thanks to its clean water and four yacht ports, its fame has been gradually increasing both nationally and internationally with its feature of being a unique port for yachters due to its clean water and having 4 yacht ports around. Gocek is the best region of the world for the initial field of whew rather than being the best sight point due to wind, sea and air temperature. .

Bedri Rahmi's sign in Gocek Bay

Bedri Rahmi - Balık ResmiOf course, the only reason for the compassion of Gocek of those who love being on the sea does not only lay under the fact that it is a secure port. Its twelve islands and its bays which are full of with surprises are the other reasons why yacht lovers prefer here. Thanks to cruises initiated especially by the writers and artists such as Bedri Rahmi Eyuboglu and Azra Erhat in 70s, importance and beauty of this region is recognized and this locality forms the most favorable part of such cruises.

Bedri Rahmi appears to have left his signature to Gocek Bay with his fish painting. This picture painted by the artist on a rock in the bay called with the name of the artist in 1974 has added artistic value to the natural beauty of the bay.

Sweet Gum Trees Sweet Gum Trees – Other symbol of Gocek Bay is the sweet gum trees that grow wildly here. The liquid obtained from its trunk is used for the production of perfume. Therefore, this is the bay where valuable sweet gum trees are densely available...

Let’s wander the bays with the boats altogether!

GOCEK ISLAND ( Kizlan Island )

Kizlan IslandKizlan Island is located on 0,18 mile east of Gocek Island Lamp.

This is at the northeast end of islands located in Gocek Bay. There is a lamp on its east side. In the northeast of the island, there are a few bays which are partially sheltered against dominant wind.

Gocek Island is located on left ,on main way to Gocek.

GOCEK (Kocek,Paterson's Wharf )

GöcekGocek - Being a small and fusty town, Gocek has been converted into a yacht renting center in a very short time.

As Gocek is just half an hour away from Dalaman Airport , Gocek has been an ideal point for yacht renting. It is a beautiful town with its all belongings. This is unique place that meets the needs of both yachters who are its new visitors and of the farmers who deal with agriculture in productive valley behind it. In 2006, tunnel to Dalaman Airport was completed. It takes only 15 minutes to go to Airport.

Gocek is best known for its practice of giving severe punishments to yachts that pollute the sea. In the village, there are good restaurants, post offices, banks, stores and ATM. There is also service of laundry, telephone and fax. You can go to Marmaris and Fethiye by a minibus.



Gocek Municipality Marine

Göcek Belediye Marinasıocek Municipality Marine has two ports that are located on the southeast end of the village.

On each anchoring point, there is water and electricity supply. There is toilet and shower on the coast.

It is not as comfortable as the other marines; yet, it is advantageous because it is located in the center of the village and it is close to all facilities.

Skopea Marine

Skopea MarinaIt is located on the north – northwest of Municipality Marine. Skopea Marine

On each anchoring point, there is water and electricity supply; also WC, toilets and a swimming pool are available.

Club Marine

Göcek Club MarinaGocek Club Marina – Marine is located on the southeast corner of the bay and in a calm place surrounded with pine trees, far from Gocek.

There is water supply, toilet, shower, pumping facility and fuel tank. It has Neo-Lycia architecture with the columns and friezes of the facility buildings.

Port Gocek Marine

Port Göcek MarinaPort Gocek Marine is located on east side of the bay.

There is water and electricity supply, telephone, television connection, wireless Internet, toilet, shower, laundry, mini market, 70 toned traveling winches and places for 180 yachts to stay on shore for winter.


Kizilkuyruk Bay – Kizilkuyruk is located on the eastern side of Kapidag and 1 mile north-northwest of Inceburun. The best anchoring point is on the west part of the bay. You can anchor in 8-12 meters and pull alongside on the south coast.

In Kuzeykol deep of the sea is with sand and alga, you can anchor in 10-15 meters and pull alongside on the coast. It is considerably protected against the dominant winds; yet its southeast and east sides are open. You can leave your yacht here and see Lydia which takes an hour on foot on the west. There are reminiscent of Roma and Byzantium.

Kucuk Kuyruk

It is a very good anchoring place which is under Kuyruk bay. It is an excellent bay where gullets take entrance temporarily during daytime. Light coolness of breeze enters into the bay but if you approach to the coast finely, you may not be disturbed from this.

Ragged Bay

It is a big bay on very north of Kuyruk bay. Its coasts are recessed and there is an island in the center. It is an excellent bay with its pine trees that reach down the sea.

Kapi Bay ( Karpi Buku, Gobun Bay, Four Fathom Cove )

This small bay is located on half mile southwest of narrow passage between the land and Domuz Island. The passage is deep and has no problem. There is a restaurant where village bread is cooked.

There is reminiscent of two old houses that have arched roofs on the west of the bay. In fact, they resemble to small chapels but it is obvious that they are houses.

You can find land from the top or bottom of the ports on the northwest or east. There are places for anchoring at simple pontoon. There is a deep layer of alga in the deep. If you use anchor, you should ensure that it captures very well because an immediate and severe wind with breeze can occur on the west of the bay. Merdivenli Bay:

You can anchor on this bay located on the very west of Kapi Bay in calm weather and pull alongside to the coast.

Yavansu Koyu ( Fathom Cove )

Rocks on the hills around the bay on the south of Manastir Bay entrance are eroded and transformed into sharp columns. These columns that rise up through olive trees create different view. You can pull alongside port to at the end of bay. You can anchor throw a mooring line to coast. There are places in 10-15 m depth in the offshore 50 meters; but there are waves passing the bay all along. These waves create disturbance rather than danger.

Marti Bay

Across Marti Bay is easily recognized with its great painting of seagull on the coast. This is a calm place that is not used by gullet so much. Yachts can be pull alongside to T port in front of a restaurant from the rear or bow of the boat or may anchor in 10-15 meters on the east side of the bay.

Hamam Bay ( Kleopatra Bay, Ruin Bay )

This small bay is located on the south of Manastir Bay. There are great deals of reminiscent of old stone buildings. It is an excellent bay where there is a restaurant that is open in summers and where dense pine tree forests that cover hills reach down the coast of sea.

On the south or west side of the bay, you can anchor in 10-12 meters and pull alongside to the coast. Cruise boats use the port.

Kale Bay (Kapi Bay , Wall Bay )

It is a small bay located on the west of Manastir Bay. Its name ‘Wall’ derives from high wall that is on the south of the bay. There is a restaurant on the north coast. You can anchor on the west end of the bay and pull alongside a bollard on the coast. You can go alongside on the port of the restaurant.

Sarsala Bay (Sarsila)

It is a big bay on the north of Bozburun. White houses on the west side of the bay attract attention. There is a marble column on the south of the bay and there is another piece of column ahead of it. There are great deals of places where yacht can anchor and pull alongside to the coast. On the southwest corner of the bay, there is small Sarsala Bay. It is protected and has good nature. Anchoring can be done at 8-15 meters here. Attention should be paid to shallowness with gravel and rocks in the off shore.

Siralibuk Port (Deep Bay)

It is a bay located on the west part of Gocek bay and on very north of Sarsala Bay. There is Kucuk Hurmali Bay in the inner side of the entrance on the southeast of the bay.

If you like, you can anchor on a place where you find fit on southwest or northwest corners. Here, every summer, different restaurants are opened.

Tasyaka (Tomb Bay)

At the end of the bay on about one mile north of Siralibuk port, there is a restaurant and a port.

You can anchor at the end of the bay. You can anchor on the port in the depth of 2-3 meters located on the end point of the restaurant; however, then, you will be expected to use restaurant.

In the inner side of the entrance, there is a small bay in south direction. You can pull alongside to stone port from the top or bottom. You can anchor on small bay on the northeast. You can stay at and take pull alongside to coast. Bay is a very nice place with its hills that reach down the coast sharply and with pine trees. On the sharp hillsides on the north of the bay, there are Lycia rock tombs, most of which are in the shape of pigeon hole. These are the tombs of residents of Crya, the antique country, settled down on the summits of the hills.

Domuz Island

There is a sheltered bay on the northwest end of this island that is a private property area. It is forbidden to step on the island but you can anchor in 15 meters in the offshores of small coast on the west side.

Tersane Island

It is an island located on the very east of Domuz Island and it is separated from it through a narrow passage. The depths in the passage are considerably good. The shallowest point of the shallowness on the very north of small island in the middle is 11 meters.

In Tersane Bay, the northwest of the island is almost sheltered from each direction.

Tersane Bay

It is difficult to identify the entrance of the bay while approaching. There are remarkable buildings on the north of Domuz Island, which facilitates finding the bay. In this bay which is very crowded during summer months, you can anchor on the places on the part of ruins and take pull alongside to bollard.

There is a small restaurant here in summers. It is possible to buy food such as yoghurt, bread and from here.

The ruins on the coast of the bay are the reminiscent from Byzantium and post-Byzantium period. One of them is Church. One of these buildings is rumored to have been a place where ships were repaired and boats were constructed.

Yassica Islands

It is a group formed with five small islands and many islets and surface rocks on the north of Tersane Island. It has got a place for anchoring that can be used in good weather and it is sheltered against dominant winds on the north of the southeast island.

On the north end of long and ragged island, there is a place for anchoring that can be used in good weather and it is sheltered.

Killebuku ( Round Bay)

It is a big bay between Tasyaka and Boynuzbuku. You can enter from the lower south of the bay and pull alongside to the coast or you can anchor in an appropriate place ahead of the bay. You can anchor on sand and alga ground in the depth of 10-15 meters, which is close to the coast. Not all the places are good for anchoring.

Tetranot Rock and Coral Reef

Coral Reef is located on about 400 m north of islet and roughly on the direction of north – south. Caution should be paid around coral reef.

Boynuz Buku

It is a big bay located on the opposite coast of Yassica Islands.

It is difficult to identify the entrance of the bay from a distance. However, it is located between Yassica Islands and Boynuz Buku. And it is identified easily. In the opening of second bay on the north of the entrance, 100-m-long coral reef towards the sea should be paid attention. After entering the bay, you can anchor in the depth of 10-20 meters. Furthermore, a small bay on the north is a good port. You can pull alongside to the north coast.

Hillsides in the shape of fjord on north and south of the bay are covered with pine forests. There is a green place where non-evergreen trees and wood lilies are available at the end of the coast. Reeds grow in marsh ground between the mouths of two steams. The end of port has 2 meters of depth. There is restaurant and water on the coast.

Ortisim Buku

It is on about 0,75 mile north of Boynuz Buku and it is sheltered against dominant wind. Sea is very deep until the end of the bay; yet, you can anchor in 15 meters and pull alongside to the coast.

Inlice Port

It is an excellent bay covered with sharp hillsides on the coast of main land on the opposite of Gocek Island. You can anchor here during calm weather. When breeze winds up, swell enters and makes the bay unsheltered place.

Small Kargi Bay

It is a small bay on the north of Katrancik Island on the coast of mainland. It is a deep bay and Gullets can use here very comfortably. There is a restaurant on the coast. Nature is excellent.

Kargı Buku

It is a big bay on the east of Small Kargi Bay. Gullets anchor on the west bay on the northeast end of the bay. Sea is very deep but nature is excellent.

Kizil Island

There are two bays on the north of the island where yachts can anchor. It is sheltered against dominant winds; yet, immediate and severe winds can come over the island. It is open to northwest, north and northeast. It is good to use it as a break for meal.