Gulet Itineraries
Fethiye - Marmaris - Fethiye
  1. fethiye-marmaris-fethiyeDay: Meeting the guests at harbour dinner and staying at the yatch at night.
  2. Day: After breakfast, travel to Öludeniz. Dinner and staying on Gemiler Island.
  3. Day: Travel to Ağa harbour, Dinner and staying at this bay.
  4. Day: Travel to Ekincik, trip in ancient Kaunos city paying the fee, Dinner and staying at Marmaris Harbour.
  5. Day: Early in the morning trip to Tersane Island. Lunch, dinner and staying at Manastır Bay at night.
  6. Day: After breakfast, travel to Göcek Island, passibility to swim various bays, Dinner and staying an Yassıca Island.
  7. Day: A siwimming break Katrancik, lunch on Tavsan Island. Dinner and staying at Fethiye Harbour at night.
  8. Day: After breakfast, leaving the yatch.


Bodrum - Gökova - Bodrum
  1. Bodrum - Gökova - Bodrum Day: Meeting the guests at harbour dinner and staying at the yatch at night.
  2. Day: After breakfast, travel to knidos, break for swimming and travelling in a antic city.
  3. Day: After breakfast, swimming in Mersincik and Ballı su Dinner and staying at Çatı Harbour at night.
  4. Day: After break-fast trip to Yediadalar. Lunch on this is lond and swimming in lingöz, Dinner and staying at İngiliz Harbour.
  5. Day: After breakfast travelling and swimming at a beatiful bay, Dinner and staying in Söğüt for the night.
  6. Day: After breakfast travelling to Sedir break for swimming at kleopatra Beach Dinner and staying in Çökertme.
  7. Day: After having a braakfast, swimming braak at Alman Bay Lunch Orak Isand and swimming Dinner and staying at Bodrum Harbour for the night..


Fethiye - Olimpos
  1. Fethiye - Olimpos Day: Giving short information about the trip Moving from Fethiye Harbour, Dinner and staying at Samanlık Bay.
  2. Day: After breakfast travelling to Turunç Pınarı. Swimming and Lunch at Turunç, In Afternoon, travelling to Ölüdeniz Swimming at Soğuksu Bay and Ölüdeniz, In the late afternoon wolking on Gemiler Island and visiting St Nicholos Church Dinner and staying at Gemiler Boğazı for the night.
  3. Day: Travelling early in the morning Breakfast and Swimming break at Yeşilköy Bay Travelling to Kaş Entering to Kaş Harbour Dinner and staying at Kaş Harbour. Kaş is a very nice pleace to travel nand to entertain.
  4. Day: Travellig to Derme Leaving the yatch here and going to Olimpos by a vehicle waiting for us.


Antalya - Kas - Antalya
  1. Antalya - Kaş - Antalya Day: Meeting the guests, dinner and staying at the yatch for the night.
  2. Day: Travelling, Lunch in Olimpos, staying at Adrasan Bay at night.
  3. Day: Moving early trip to Myra on Çayağzı Bay Dinner and Staying at Gökkaya Bay.
  4. Day: After breakfast arriving to Kas passing throught Batık Şehir Staying at Üçağızlar at night.
  5. Day: Swimming breaks at various beaches Dinner and staying at Finike Harbour.
  6. Day: After breakfast, tripping to Porto Ceneviz Dinner and Staying in phaselis at night.
  7. Day: Travlling in antic city phaletis swimming on Sıcan Island and 5/tea arriving to yatch harbour in the afternoon.
  8. Day: After breakfast laaving the yacht.


Fethiye - Kekova - Fethiye
  1. Fethiye - Kekova - Fethiye Day: Meeting our guests on the harbour, having a dinner and staying at yatch during the night.
  2. Day: Travelling to Öludeniz, Dinner and staying on Gemiler Island.
  3. Day: Travelling to Kalkan early in the morning possibilty to have a trip of Patara-Xantos-Leton paying its fee.
  4. Day: Travelling to çayağzı, visiting Myra and st Nigholos Churches, Dinner and staying at Gökkaya Bay
  5. Day: Travelling to kayaköy. visiting the castle passing over the sink city After lunch travelling in kas Dinner and staying in Rayındır.
  6. Day: Travelling to karaca ören Staying at this Bay during the night
  7. Day: Travelling to kızıl Ada after a breakfast on Göcek ısland Staying at Fethiye Herbour for the night.
  8. Day: Leaving the yatch after the breakfat.

A touring program can be arranged according to your desire.