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Mavi YolculukYou love sea; you try to choose a place by the coast for every holiday. However, you don't enjoy whichever hotel you go to or you get bored in a short time. Or, the coast of the hotel doesn't turn out to be the one as you have dreamed of. Here is most suitable type of holiday for you: Cruise with Sail or Cruise.

You are thinking of where, when and how to go on holiday for this summer again. You don't want to go to all - inclusive hotels and eat and drink and lie down. You haven't gone on such type of holiday. But a holiday including swimming in the sea very much has been always in the corner of your mind.

You can go on cruise with friends who love sea like you or a group consisting of your family. You can request form which is suitable for your needs on Internet web of DONAT Yachting and send it to us.

Mavi Yolculukta YemekAfter deciding private yacht and making the choice of boat, you are informed about catering to be taken on the boat throughout the cruise. Our guests buy their own drinking and eating materials in cruise tours and deliver them to our cooks on the boats. Duty of our cooks and personnel is to work on a common menu by exchanging menu with our guests and taking their choices, likenesses and eating habits into consideration, to prepare and serve meals. Our guests may bring their drinks from outside or have them in our bar available on our boats. Meals are generally eaten on deck sheltered by a tent from sun. Closed hall is only used on the tours taken before May and after October.

Cruise means being alone with nature, reading and having nap under tent.

Besides, during the times when boats are anchored at the bays, travels for discovery can be done and you can rent jet ski, banana and water ski from private companies available in the bays as well as fishing rig, canoe and surfing available on the boats.

Mavi Yolculuk - Dalış If you inform us beforehand, we can adjust a diving tour for you on the route. Rafting and grilling can be done on Dalaman River and you can fly and have panoramic view of worldly famous coast by jumping from approximately 2000 meters. By waking up with the voices of cricket chorus coming from only pine forests in pace in the mornings, you can wash your face with sea water and you can swim with thousands of young fish wandering around you. When you get tired, you can go up to the boat and have shower at the backside of the boat and have your breakfast by watching cool blueness. You may think that you haven't gone on holiday at all up to that time.

In some bays, you can swim to the coast and climb up Rock Tombs and touch the history and see the view downwards at the same time. When you are near rock tombs, you may feel those who lived there ten thousands of years ago. Our captain can advance on the sea and open up the sails at the noon when the sun is up and when you don't want to swim in the sea at very hot times and if there is wind. Sailing on the sea only with the sound of wind for hours, hours...

Sounds of flip flap that occur when wind fills up the sails will fill your heart. You will feel the enjoyment of sailing. Fish wandering around you behave as if they were competing with you while you are sailing. You may see a caretta caretta passing by you swimming in the bays. You can catch fish with the equipment on the boat and eat them at dinner with appetite. In the afternoon, boat approaches to the bay where it will stay during the night. After the service of dinner, in the line of the group's desires, events can be organized and also you can enjoy the nature and view. Furthermore, you can find restaurants where you can eat fresh fish and local meal in fishing villages easily.

If this is the first time that you have gone on cruise, we recommend you prefer calm Gocek bays. Don't take hard and big luggage. Take material for your immediate needs in a big Sportive bag. You don't use so many clothes because you will be always on the sea.

VHF Sea Wireless in each boat and mobile telephones in some boats are available for combination among boats and stations on the coast. If you have your mobile phone with you on holiday, your phone will be generally out of reaching area while you pass from one bay to other one and will not operate in some closed bays.

Deep blue horizon, sound of waves hitting the boat board and drizzling iodine odor. In deep silence, days fully devoted to nature. Here is the cruise...