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It is one of the most prestigious towns of Antalya.  Simena and Patara lay near it along two branches. Kas, the eye pupil of Lycia wonderland, is settled on Antiphellos antique city under the shades of the Mountains Toros.

Kas’s friendly residents have succeeded in keeping the nature untouched in spite of its popularity. The district’s name derives from its coast in the shape of peninsula. Having an importance place in yacht tourism, this district comes forehand with its coast, sand and elegant restaurants. To be more explicit, it is quite difficult to come here and stay only one day after passing though towns such as Side and Kemer on long and turning road. However, when you reach Kas, the beauty of the city will get rid of all of your tiredness.

Neighbors: Demre, Fethiye, Finike, Kemer, Patara

Carrying the tracks of old civilizations, Kas was settled in Antiphellos city of Lycia. Its becoming settlement dates back to 2000 B.C. Kas’s name was given by Teke Bey. When it is considered with its Meis Island, which recalls the shape of eye, it is inevitable to think that the district resembles to eye brow.

Big touristy structures, antique cities and coast … Like many Mediterranean towns; Kas also succeeds in bringing all these three together. Will you see rock tombs from Lycia or will you participate in one-day tours organized to localities such as Myra and Patara? Will you enjoy diving into depths or ecstatic wandering along Great Cakil Coast? Kas presents so many choices that person gets confused at first sight. Kas has great richness historically. Sunk city Kekeva, Myra as important center of antique age, Demre where Christmas Father died and Patara which is the number one port city of Lycia can be considered as separate destinations. The remaining to Kas is still too many. Lycians could leave structures that can still stand to Antiphellos.

The most striking ones among these structures are antique theatre, Lycia tomb rocks, Kas Monument, Greek altar. It was restored in Roman time. Greek altar is now located in a place that carries the name of Hospital Street and caries the traces of Hellenistic period.

On Kas Monument, which was erected as a memoir of a command for most sure, there is a tablet written in Lycian language. Kas Monument is now on a street known as Uzuncarsi. On the mountains on the east and north of Kas, you encounter with tombs carved on the rocks. Surfaces of the tombs which are carved on the rocks from Lycia period reflect wood architecture of the period.

One-side tours are organized to Xanthos (Kinik), which is antique city 45 kilometers far from Kas. The most important feature of Xanthos is its being single city that endures against invasions. It is revealed by 19th century English historians and unfortunately, important reminiscent were kidnapped to British Museum. Today, it is possible to see agora reminiscent in the city centre.

One more city is Simena. You may think here together with Kekeva Island and Myra.

Boat tours are organized for Simena. Other than that, the best way to go to each this locality is sea. Simena, which was a city where seamen and fishers stayed once upon a time, keeps reminiscent of Lycia and Roman time. It has a small theatre carved on the rocks. This theatre is accepted to be the smallest antique theatre. When looking from outside today, Simena has the appearance of nice fishery village with its structures that resemble to toy houses. Kas is a famous region for its uplands. Gombe Upland, Sutlegen Upland and Bezirgan Upland have excellent landscapes with their vegetation and high mountains that cover the environment.

There are trees such as pine trees, cypress, cedar and oak on these mountains. There are picnic places and country restaurants that are preferred in summers on the skirts of Akdag. Salmon has been grown in Gombe recently; you can eat fresh salmon in restaurants. Ucarsu and Yesilgol are known for its cold rivers and it is one of the places that will be liked by those who want to have holiday that is far from warmth of summer and have relaxing holiday.

Kas Bucak Marine

There is port which is made up of concrete at the length of approximately one mile on the north of Bucak Sea. You can approach too close to port by anchoring from the middle of boat and by tightening the rope with anchor and can aboard on the east end. A bazaar is established on Fridays near the marine.

Kas (Antique Antiphellos)

Two surface rocks called Gurmenli Rocks can be identified easily while approaching from the West. They can be determined easily in the passage between Sulu Islands and mainland. You can smudge to an appropriate place from the bottom or top. There are customers, passport policeman and Port Presidency in the entrance port.

Like in Kalkan, the well of soft water in depths cools the water.

There is water and electricity supply, fuel, repairing shops, restaurant, market, post office, ATM, bank, bus and minibus facilities. Kas was settled up sharp hillsides in a bay in the shape of lunar. Greek Island Meis from southwest and Inka Cukubag Peninsula from North protect Kas. It is rumored to have been a Roman village until 1922. Following this date, Turkish people who came from Anatolia and Balkans were made to settle here.

Here is one of the most bewitching places you may encounter along the coast. There are many Lycian tombs on sharp hills behind the town. There is a Hellenistic theatre on the west of the town.



You may find a sheltered place against breeze on the west side of the Bay (Kas Port). You can anchor on the north of islet on the north of Condur Bay. It has sandy deep and it keeps anchor very well.

Bayindir Port

It is a big bay on the southeast of Kas Port. You can anchor in 8-10 meters in the coast opening on the east of the bay or in 10-15 meters on southeast corner of the bay. There are great deals of restaurants on the coast.


On the southeast side of this bay, there is reminiscent of ship from old bronze age from 14th century B.C. Amber beads found on the ship were made of amber type that grew around Baltic Sea. There can be very severe winds when breeze comes. You can anchor in 15 meters in small bay which is half mile far from the bay on the southeast of Peninsula and pull alongside to western side of the bay.

Asar Buku

It is horizontal indent on the northwest of Sicak Peninsula. At the end of the indent, There is camp reminiscent under waste water of Antique Aperlae and port. This is a place that can be used by yachts during calm weather. Yet, it should be approached very cautiously not to hit the parts of the city under water and you can anchor in 5 – 10 meters. It has sand and alga deep.

Kekova Anchor Point

Kekova Island is an island ranging along 4 miles in the west / southwest / east – northeast direction and it makes the water line between ragged coast and main land sheltered. Ucagiz Port is perfectly sheltered from all of the angles. Kekova anchorage can be accessed from west and east end of Kekova Island.

West Entrance

There is a group of islands called Karagol Islands in the middle of the passage on the west end of Kekova Island. Depths in the passage on the east of Islands are good but they are on the very north of the lamp and rocky bank should be paid attention under water level. If you like to anchor between the islets, it will be useful to enter from southwest end to have a person to direct the captain from the top of the ship.

East Entrance

The passage between the coast and eastern end of Kekova Island is not problematic as long as you follow water path.

Afroz Buku (Woodhouse)

It is a small bay that has a small islet in the opening and on about one mile east and southeast of Dead Sea’s lamp. You can anchor on alga ground in 12-15 meters. There is reminiscent of one castle and a church in the village. If you continue through the path, you get into the road of towns preferred for long-distanced trekking. This road continues up to Antalya.

Polemos Buku (Sicak Bay)

This is a long indent that is located on the west end of Kekova anchorage (1,5 miles). There are no dangers on the north of the bay apart from a few small islets. Most of the yachters prefer to continue up to the end of the Bay. Depths are around 5-10 meters in the opening of 250 meters from the cost here. It has muddy ground and keeps anchor very well. The hills are covered with shrubs and olive trees on the coast.

Tersane Bay

It is a miniature bay located on 450 meters northeast of west end of Kekova Island. After passing the bay, you can anchor in 4-10 meters and pull alongside on the west part. It is a picturesque village with its small coast at the end, its water like glass on sandy ground and church ruins that remind Christian past in Muslim country.


Castle bastions established on a sharp back on the west side of Ucagiz Port entrance rise up magnificently on the small village. Its anchoring place can be used. After entering the bay, you can anchor in 12-15 meters. It has muddy and alga deep but most probably there is rock beneath it.  Restaurants on the coast are settled on port remained under water. You can aboard on the place indicated. There is water and electricity supply and restaurant. You can reach the castle after climbing short and sharp hill. Castle is small; but it is an excellent structure. You will see many sarcophagi on the hills surrounding the castle. From here, the sunken port on which restaurants have been constructed can be seen very clearly.

Ucagiz Port (Dead Sea, Tristomos)

This bay which is surrounded with rocks fully can be accessed through a rocky passage on the very west of Kalekoy. The name of Ucagiz derives from three passages into bay. You need to enter into main passage from Kalekoy. Coral reef that remains as a brown stain is recognized very easily. In both of these passages, there is 9-10 meters of water on the water passage but as approaching towards the edges, the depth decreases down to 3-5 meters. After entering into Ucagiz Port, you can anchor in 3-5 meters of opening in the village. You may anchor in east half of the bay. There are many restaurants on the coast. On the north coast, there is source of mineral water on place indicated on the west of Ucagiz Port. Water is very cold and includes a great deal of minerals. This resembles to Badoit well in France.

Kale Bay

You can anchor in 5-8 meters in about 600 meters of the east of Kalekoy and pull alongside to the coast.

Karaloz ( Port Sant Stefano)

This small islet is located on the south of Kekova Island and 1,5 mile southwest of east end. You can anchor in 6-10 meter at the end of bay and pull alongside to the coast. This small fjord is an excellent and bewitching place. Water is shining and everywhere is full of fish.

Gokkaya Port

There is a group of small islands in a place that is close to the coast of main land on the east end of Kekova anchorage. Most of the yachts use the place of anchoring in the small bay on the northwest. Muddy ground in 5-7 meters keeps anchoring very well and it is very sheltered. A fuel barge anchors here in summers. It is very enjoyable to wander around these passages that recall small fjords. Well of soft water opening into the sea gives a very nice coolness in summers.


You can anchor in an appropriate place in the openings of Bay Medirel and port under Calpan Bay on 2 mile east – northeast of Gokkaya. There is water supply, small markets and many restaurants and cafes on the port. It is rumored to have been port of Andaki Myra city. Like many other antique ports, this place is also filled with alluviums carried by the river. The former port area has become a part of land. In the port, there are a few buildings from Roman period. Among them, the most interesting one is the store built by Hadrianus and resembles to the one of Patara.