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Marmaris is an ideal holiday town for yachting with its natural port that lies on pine trees, coastal architecture adorned with palm trees, unique and natural costs and its shining water, swimming and all kinds of water sport.

Marmaris is one of the leading yachting centers in Agean Region. Marmaris has naturally marines with the capacity of hundreds of yacht that may come from all over the world with its port and port that are preserved well.

After having lunch in any restaurant by the sea or in Marmaris, you can spend the rest of night in active bars, discos or night clubs that are located on Bars Street.

You can complete your visit to Marmaris with environmental tours including many options. There is wide variety of tours such as canoe tours, horsing, trekking, yacht tours, village tours, chip safari and visits to the regions such as Efes, Pamukkale, Dalyan and Kaunos.

Blueness of the sea and sky embraces with the green of pine forests. Nature exhibits many more beautiful scenes that one can see. Natural beauties embrace native or foreign persons who love nature not only for a few months but throughout the year.


There are two passages on both sides of Keci Island in order to access to Marmaris Bay, namely, Sark Passage and Group Passage. Since the municipality port is full of with boats, gullets and diving boats, it is possible to anchor on south pier of Marmaris Marine. You can anchor in 18-20 meters.

Marti Marine

Marine is located on the east of entrance to Keci Buku. It has got 250 tightening points. Its length is 50 meters and depths are 4-20 meters. There is vault system. There are yachts that spend winter here. There is water and electricity supply, fuel, Internet, laundry, 60 toned traveling winches, and mini market, and restaurant and exchange office services. Marine takes place on excellent part of the bay. Both its place and landscape are extraordinary.

Marmaris Marine

Marine is on the east of former Marmaris. They direct you with a cable boat. It has 700 tightening points. Its maximum length is 40 metes and depths are 2-15 meters. They have vault ropes tightened to port. Customs and passport police are within the Marine. In each approaching place, there is water and electricity supply, telephone, shower and 24 - hour - security. There is fuel, repairing shops, shopping places, ATM and car renting on the port. In marine, there is also café, restaurant, yachting club, traveling agency and swimming pool.

Albatros Marine

This boatyard and mini marine is located on about half mile southeast of Marmaris Marine. Place should be asked beforehand. There is vault system. There is water and electricity supply, toilet, shower, fuel, repairing shops, boatyard, and 24 - hour - security. Transactions that are relevant to customs can be executed.

Pupa Yacht Hotel

Pupa yachting pontoon is located on the north of bay on the southeast corner of Marmaris marine. It has got 25 tightening points. Depths are 2-8 meters. Yacht can anchor in the bay But one should be refrained from swimming areas in front of the hotel and shallowness on the east of the bay.

There is water and electricity supply, shower and toilet as well as bar and restaurant of the hotel on the coast.

Here is one of the most peaceful places of Marmaris Bay. You can enjoy the taste of food and drinks without undergoing disco noise of the hotel on the coast.

Marmaris Yacht Marine

It is a big marine located on a point where main land and Nimara (Yildiz) Island are joined with a land bridge on the southeast corner of Marmaris Port. It has got 600 tightening places. Its maximum length is 50-60 meters. Depths are 3-8 meters. There are 100 rooms on the land.

Marine officers guide the way on cable boat. It has got vault tightening points to the port. It is perfectly sheltered.

There is water and electricity supply, Internet, shower, toilet, 24 - hour - security, fuel on the port, laundry, repairing shops, 3000 toned hydraulic puller, market, and restaurant, bar, ATM, relaxing hall, library, swimming pool, weekly native and foreign newspaper – magazine, bus and ship services..

Sun Marine

There is boat yard that is close to Marmaris YACHT MARINE and has tightening places that may be used on permission in the opening of Ship Construction Yard.


You can anchor in 2-5 meters on the northwest of the bay. Deep is alga. If it is passed through alga, it keeps good. Openings of Nimara Island: It is a very deep place. You need to anchor in 15-25 meters.

Its deep is alga and not all of its area keeps good. There is restaurant and bars on the coast.

Karaagac Port (Karagatch)

It is a military region that should not be entered and it is forbidden to anchor, dive and land here. However, in practice, yachts going and coming on the route Marmaris – Ekincik pass through this region.

Turnali Rock (Edmons Rock)

It is located on one mile south – southwest of Turnali Bay and 1,75 mile west of Yilancik Island. Its shallowest place is Turnali Rock where the depth decreases down to 0,6 meters.

Ekincik Port

Bay is on the north of Koycegiz Port and it is located on 2,5 miles north – northeast of Kizilburun. Many sharp rocks around the coast are striking on the east of Kizilburun. Delikada (Dalyan Island) and lamp on the island attract the attention on the plainness behind. As approaching, some houses on Ekincik Port and lamp on the west become identifiable easily.

My Marine Restaurant has a small marine. It has 67 tightening places. You can smudge to the place indicated from the top and bottom. There is vault system. It is sheltered from every angle. There is water and electricity supply, shower and toilet.

You can anchor on the northwest corner of coast opening at the end of the bay. Don’t approach towards existing cable ropes. On the west, there is a short port with 1,5-2 meters of depths on the end. Yet, here is generally full of gullets of the locality and cruise boats going and coming between Ekincik and Antique Kaunos.

You can smudge to the yacht port of my Marine restaurant from the top or bottom. In summers, yachts generally pull alongside to the north or west in the openings of Koycegiz Port. Here is well sheltered against dominant winds and it is a very nice place in the middle of hills covered with trees. There is water supply in the village. Fuel can be filled up with a small tank. There is a restaurant on the coast.

The best place for you to leave your yacht is Ekincik if you like to se Antique Kaunos. Kaunos is about five miles inside of Koycegiz River. It is a picturesque town where the ruins and sceneries along the road are excellent.

Delikada (Dalyan)

It is a small island in the entrance of Koycegiz River. Along this river, one can go to Dalyan Town and Kaunos ruins. Delikada is located on 2 miles southeast of Ekincik. By keeping an edge to the coast of the northeast end of the islet with a yacht during calm weather, one can anchor in 4 meters. Since there is always swell, you may not get disturbed. Ekincik is absolutely a place to be preferred.


It would be logical to pass far from this confusing region; yet it is attracting to pass from here while going on the route between Ekincik and Fethiye.

Disibilmez Buku

It is a big bay between Disibilmez Burnu and Karaburun. There is an indent that can be used during calm weather conditions on the northwest corner. You can anchor in 3-4 meters and pull alongside to the coast by being careful about surface and undersurface rocks in the bay. There is restaurant on the bay.

Baba Island

Baba Island is located on one mile east of Karaburun. You can pass the back of the island from either west or east. You can anchor in 5-8 meters here and pull alongside to the island. There are great deals of big hotels in the bay. In summers, restaurants and bars are opened.

Fethiye Bay

Nar Island can be identified easily while approaching from northwest. Kurdoglu Bay with its lamp and Peksimet Island finish with a low and rock indent. There are single rocks around the bay. When entering into Bay, islands on the road to Fethiye Port are identified very easily.