Terms & Conditions


A confirmation form will be sent to you after you have determined the desired boat. Having your form approved, you are going to receive a rental covenant and you need to sign the covenant and passenger list that you have provided. Afterwards, you need to send the 50% of the total voyage amount via bank order. Remaining amount should be paid before 4 weeks from the voyage.

  • The reservation request is valid for 7 days,
  • Reservation is confirmed after payment of %50 of the total charter amount and undersigning the contract,
  • The balance due should be sent to us 30 days prior to charter date
  • The reservations that are not made within 30 days will be invalid
  • 1 week before the commence of charter;
    1. Passenger arrival time, airplane landing hours,
    2. Sailing license copy (1st Master and 2nd Master),
    3. Identity and Passport Numbers and passenger list,
    4. Transfer information should faxed or mailed to us.

60 € will be charged on last minute reservations for the service.


  • Security Deposit for Monohulls is € 1.000, for Catamarans is € 2.000.
  • Security Deposit for Spinnaker / Gennaker is € 500.
  • To be paid upon Embarkation in Cash or with Credit Card (MASTERCARD / VISA)
  • Security Deposit Insurance is also possible at base
  • The taken Security Deposit will be given to the renter after the voyage unless there will be no damage and/or missing items on the checklist.



All boats are fully insured. We recommend you to take out your own personal travel and cancellation insurance.


Our gullet prices are daily and fuel cost is included in those prices. Our quests should buy their own food and drink before the departure. Your foods and drinks will be served by the crew.

Our sailing boat prices are weekly and our quests should buy their own food and drink before the departure. However your foods and drinks will not be served by the crew. Sailing boats’ fuel tanks are given full and should be taken back full. You need to have it full before the end of the voyage.

Meal for the skipper on gullets and sailing boats are belongs to the customer.


This is obligatory in Turkey and can be paid in cash or by credit card before departure (90€). The transit log amount is included in the all inclusive boats which are in the DYB group.


  • Skipper: 120 € per day + meal
  • Transit Log: 90 €
  • Airport Transfer: 70 € (each direction)
  • Airport Transfer: The airport transfer is included for boats from DYB-0100 to DYB 0360.
  • Spinnaker: 100 € (weekly)
  • Wind Surf: Will be paid in the base if desired.
  • Port expenses in foreign ports will be paid by the customer.
  • VAT (18%) excluded.
  • Special land tours.


For sailing boat chartering: Check-in : Saturday 17.00 hours ,Check-out + Overningon board, Saturday 8,30 hours.

For gullet chartering : Saturday from 16:00 hours until Friday 16:00 hours including overnight until Saturday 10:00 hours.

A bid will be sent to our quests if any special discounts performed for any reason.


The agreed charter sailing boundaries are within the Turkish territorial waters.

Sailing outside these waters requires written permission.


By signing the charter contract the charterer confirms that he/she disposes of the required knowledge of seamanship and navigation to sail a yacht on the open sea. Otherwise he must appoint a captain/skipper for the vessel, who should then also sign the charter contract. By signing the contract the charterer affirms that he is in possession of a sailing certificate and has the required level of seamanship skills. The charterer will be held responsible for making any false declarations. The charterer and the vessel's captain/skipper are completely subject to the terms of this contract.


The charterer is liable to maintain the yacht and fittings and to abide by maritime regulations with good seamanship.

The charterer mus never:

  • Run a commercial passenger transport service on the boat.
  • Participate in any competitions.
  • Hire out the yacht.
  • Tow another craft except in an emergency.
  • Sail at night, except in good visibility, and always under good weather conditions.

The charterer must:

  • Regularly check the boat during the trip, dinghy with outboard , engine, oil, etc.
  • Not keep domestic animals on board.

The charterer is liable to keep a logbook in a simple form and register all defects, incidents and damages. After any accident he/she must make a precise and detailed report of the accident/damage as proof for the harbour master, doctor or authorities. Moreover, the charter company should immediately be informed in detail about any incident. The same applies to maneuvering capability, losses or seizure or obstruction by the authorities. If costs are incurred because of lack of respect for regulations, they will be borne by the charterer. The charter base must be informed in case the yacht should run aground in order to inspect damage. In the case of damage or injury, repair costs and medical expenses will be debited from the deposit. The costs of deliberate damage to the engine and rigging, loss of equipment, etc and costs of late return or replacement are also debited from the deposit, however only by the amount of the excess of the comprehensive insurance. For any loss or damage for which the exact cost cannot be assessed the charter company will retain an estimate of the costs for 30 days, after which the balance will be settled.

Handover of the Yacht

The yacht is delivered to the charterer with a full tank of fuel. The condition of the vessel, equipment and full inventory are verified by the charterer from the checklist and confirmed by his signature. Subsequent complaints by the charterer, concerning the yacht's condition and equipment are not possible. Should the charter company not be able to correct any defects or damage, if only in part, the charterer can revoke the contract altogether, or request a reduction of the charter price.

Return of the Yacht

After termination of the charter trip the charterer must return the vessel with a full tank of fuel and with equipment in order as stated on the checklist.

Late Return of the Yacht

The charterer is liable to return the yacht in time. The liability must be independently of the weather conditions. The trip timetable must be planned so that the yacht can reach the home port on time. However, if the yacht is not delivered in time, the charter company must be informed as soon as possible. Any additional costs must be borne by the charterer. For each full day overdue the charter company can claim double the price for one day. The charterer will be held responsible for late arrival. For each full hour over the charter period deadline the charterer must pay 2% of the corresponding weekly charter rate.

Liabilities of the Charterer and the Charter Company

The charterer is liable to refund the charter company for any breach of contract arising from damage. As for any damage caused by the chartered vessel to third parties because of mishandling or negligence, the charter company is free from liability to the charterer. Any demands from the charterer not settled immediately after returning the vessel must be settled within 14 days after the termination of the charter period. The details of the case must be confirmed by both the charterer and the charter company.

Reservation Cancellation

If it’s wanted to cancel the charter at least 8 weeks before charter beginning date , the first payment is not given back.If it happens in a shorter time than 8 weeks no money is certainly given back .All payments should be done by considering these responsibilities.